3 Easy Ways To Make Your Virtual Holiday Party Awesome

posted byMike03/11/2020

As the holiday season looms right around the corner, that of course means that holiday party season looms right around the corner as well - but what will holiday parties look like in the year 2020?

With the shift to the “virtual workplace” accepted as the new normal, this all but ensures that the holiday office party is also receiving the same virtual makeover.

But do not fear! Just because your holiday party has gone virtual, does not mean that your virtual holiday party needs to be lame. Here are 3 easy ways to ensure that your virtual holiday party is awesome.

1 - Make It Interactive

Whether you do the classic “ugly holiday sweater contest” or the “white elephant gift exchange” or some other form of interactive interaction, giving you and your employees something active to do is crucial for a successful virtual holiday party.

As we all know, “Zoom Fatigue” is a very real phenomenon that we are all starting to experience in 2020, so the last thing your employees want to do at their virtual holiday party is just stare at each other over Zoom like a Monday morning meeting - so make sure that you have distinct activities planned that enable and encourage unique interaction that is totally different than what you normally experience in your typical work Zoom calls.

2 - Have Great Music

Just like a real holiday party, a great virtual holiday party needs great music! While we understand the audio capabilities of Zoom and other virtual platforms can be difficult to master, there are solutions, and with those solutions come the opportunity to craft the perfect holiday party playlist that will keep the party flowing all night long.

So whether you hire an actual virtual DJ for your party, or you decide to go with a DIY holiday playlist, make sure that great holiday music is not overlooked when planning your virtual holiday party - or those awkward virtual party silences will be deafening!

3 - Have An Agenda

We understand that “planning” a virtual holiday party might sound like a daunting task.

What do we do at a virtual party for 90 minutes?
How do we make this virtual party feel different from our virtual meetings?
Do we just play music?
Do we have games? Help us!

Don’t sweat it! The fact you are even asking these questions puts you on the right track.

For as the famous quote goes, “failing to plan is planning to fail,” and the fact you are planning at all puts you light years ahead of those who plan on “winging” their virtual holiday party.

So whether it is music, an agenda, or coming up with interactive virtual activities for your employees to do, we wish you all the best with your virtual holiday party planning.

And remember... if you would like us to help you with any of those areas, just know that we are only one click away!

Happy Holidays from The Conference Crashers!

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