3 Advantages Of A Virtual Holiday Party

posted by Anna03/11/2020

When this year started, I don’t think any one of us predicted that we would be attending our company’s holiday party through our computers. Then again, I don’t think any one of us would have predicted that is how we would be working five days a week either - yet, here we are.

So as you and your co-workers accept the truth of your company’s virtual holiday party, I would love to jump in and help you turn that potential lemon into lemonade. Yes, that’s right, I am here to let you know that there are actually advantages of having a virtual holiday party.

1- Less Risk of “Monday Morning Regret” - Plus, No Uber or Taxi Fares!

I don’t think it is a big secret that company holiday parties have the reputation of being the one time a year when everyone lets their guard down and enjoys an alcoholic beverage or seven with co-workers and bosses alike.

Well not only does the virtual holiday party minimize the number of “regrettable” moments that some of us need to face come Monday morning, but it also does away with the sometimes costly Uber and Taxi fares associated with getting us home at night.

Now you can choose to imbibe in the holiday spirits from the safe distance of your living room, minimizing your moments of embarrassment, and saving you the cost of the ride home.

2- Less Forced, Awkward Conversation!

I don’t think it is any secret that all of us have our “work friends” and our “people who we work with and are friendly with but don’t really know that well” lists.

And while most of us are encouraged by our company and superiors to move as many people as we can from the latter column into the former column, I think it’s also fair to say that sometimes, that just isn’t possible.

Whether it's an age gap or cultural differences, we can’t always be best friends with everyone, and holiday company parties are the time of year when we sometimes find ourselves trapped in conversations that feel forced and awkward. Well, not this year!

Due to the very nature of virtual holiday parties, you can probably rest easy knowing that your yearly awkward check-in conversation with Mr. Johnson from accounting will probably not happen this year - or if it does - it could be transformed into a fun and interactive experience that only a virtual holiday party can create.

Who knows, maybe, thanks to a fun virtual holiday party game, Mr. Johnson will even find his way into your “work friends” column?


I’ll be the first to admit that I have probably spent about 75% of my Zoom meetings and events this year without pants - and I don’t plan on changing that anytime soon. I mean… do you?

So there we have it - just three of the many advantages of going virtual with your holiday party this year.

And while there are certainly elements of the in-person holiday party that will be missed and never duplicated in the virtual environment, we remind you that things WILL return to “normal” again, and until then, we can all have fun by embracing the fun aspects of the virtual holiday party that are uniquely their own - and if you need help doing that, don’t worry - it’s what we specialize in doing at Conference Crashers, and we would love to help you!

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